Miss going to festivals now you have kids and can’t find a babysitter? Create those feel-good summer vibes at home by putting together your own backyard celebration – your little ones can come too!

stage it

Stage it

Why not create a stage area for the kids to do their own music performances on? Your deck or patio area will naturally lend themselves to this. Make it look the part by decorating a few old cardboard boxes to look like stage speakers.

set the scene

set the scene

Go to town decorating your garden. Using some fat quarters and a glitter glue gun, have a go at making your own flags and bunting. Drape them, along with some fairy lights, from your trees and fences, tie ribbons and balloons to your garden chairs, put out lots of blankets and floor cushions for your guests to chill out on and maybe even get your little ones to paint a festival sign (you just have to come up with a name for it first!).

pitch perfect

pitch perfect

Pitch your tent in a quiet spot in the garden and fill it with cosy cushions and toys. The tent can act as a little play den for your kids, so they can hang out there and pretend they’re camping for the full festival experience!

food for all

Food for all

As it’s your festival you get to choose the menu! A buffet table with food your guests can graze on will be ideal. If you’re on a bit of a tight budget, bowls of crisps and dips, a selection of sandwiches, mini sausage rolls or even vegan sausage rolls and cocktail sausages, and a filling Mexican bean and rice salad and coleslaw, will all go down a treat. For a gluten-free option, try a delicious pesto courgetti. Got a bit more cash to splash? Then break out the barbecue!

drink up

drink up

Having fun is thirsty work and cocktails (and mocktails) are the perfect festival drinks! Make a big pitcher of Austin’s Classic Summer Punch with some chopped mint, strawberries, oranges, cucumber, apple and lemonade, or for something with a tropical vibe, make a Party Punch. For a non-alcoholic option, make a traditional lemonade, or give it a twist and make a strawberry lemonade.

look the part

look the part

Break out the face gems and glitter make up, don sequins and your brightest coloured clothes! With the help of a tie dye kit you could even create your own one-off bits to wear. Ask all your guests to follow your festival dress code too.

play some music

play some funky music

Of course, music is at the heart of most festivals, but if you haven’t got room for a stage and you don’t know any musicians, then put together the perfect party playlist for the day instead and create your own shakers using a Stackers tube filled with some dry rice or lentils. Invite your neighbours over, or at least tell them what you’re planning beforehand, and do be mindful of how loud you’re playing your music, especially in the evening.

festival fun

Festival fun

Keep children big and small entertained with a few fun activities. Leave a few hoola hoops and bubble blowers lying about, put out a giant jenga or chess game, get someone to paint faces, or maybe even create your own photo booth with a box full of props and handmade signs.

However your festival day turns out, make sure to tag #AldiEverydayAmazing in all your photos!